Smile for Me Video Shoot Pics

Wussup, yall... here's some pics from the "Smile for Me" video shoot. We put this video together off of pure impulse. My brother offered to shoot and direct the whole thing. Didn't really have a plan... didn't care how it looked... didn't care about scripts... didn't care about shit, homie. I guess that's why we had so much fuck'n fun putt'n this together. To yall, it's a music video... but to us, it's a diary from our lil vacation. We ... Read more

Booda's still at it! Now featuring on a SouthernBoi song called, "SMILE FOR ME". This shit's strictly for the block! Mississippi stand up! West V stand up! B More stand up! Island people stand up! and the PHILIPPINES definitely have to stand the fuck up!!!! Gniti naman jan, pare! Pistiha ani... sige lang tag ngisihi ani oy... Download Smile For Me Music VideoDownload Smile For Me ... Read more

Here it is, bwoy!!!

A lil while ago, my family Webb and BigT from Southernboi Ent hit me up ask'n me to feature on a song. I asked them what direction they wanted to take it, and they told me I could quarterback the whole track. So I came up with a beat and we ate it up! Trust me, homie... this song was so fuck'n fun to make. For you up-and-coming artists out there, remember to do YOU. Some people will love what you ... Read more